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Dealing with Holiday Stress in the Workplace

Working during the holiday season can be very stressful for several reasons, from the influx of client demands right before the holidays to workers wanting to get off work as soon as possible. It creates a very difficult environment to work in, which requires the employers and employees to collectively eliminate the pressure by not only focusing on their own tasks, but taking care of others around them. Here are a few tips to help cope with the pressure:

A businessman stressed out at work with people around him.

Take Care of Yourself

The first positive change starts with you. Operating during the holiday season can be tough, as you’ve your mind on the events to come. As important as it is to keep your head in the game, it’s equally essential that you don’t forget to treat yourself well. Eating well, staying hydrated are the first priorities to keep yourself functioning. The better prepared you are for things to come, the better the outcome will be.Be


There’s a lot of pressure when the holiday season kicks in as one end, project managers and clients start demanding completions before they go off for holiday, while the workers want to get done with work right away so they can focus on their personal lives.

The added pressure brings out stress, anxiety and other negative emotions, and you might observe a colleague behave differently. It’s important to know that this is not normal behavior and any negative interaction shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

A stressed out man having a headache.

Ease Up On Dealines

This part focuses heavily toward the employer to be cautious about deadlines. Employers should focus on setting deadlines well before the holiday season, so that their employees can focus on their private lives and preparation for the days to come rather than tie loose ends at work.

It will allow you to let them off early as well. If any adjustments can be made ahead of the holiday season, give your workers the flexibility for it to make their lives easier.

Safety First

As you’re rushing to meet deadlines before the holiday season, make sure that you prioritize your safety and that of your workers on the field. Especially if you’re working with cranes and heavy loads, it’s your responsibility to ensure the equipment does not operate if there’s a risk of a storm or blizzard, to avoid crane accidents.

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