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How Bad Radio Coverage Could Mean Disaster for Your Crane & What You Can Do About It

A man holding a two-way radio equipment.

A construction site is a busy space, where things can become quite dangerous if managers fail to enforce safety measures. One of the most hazardous activities involves crane operations, including transporting heavy items from one place to another.

The crane operators heavily rely on their line of vision and crane safety instruments to ensure safe operations. They also bank on the directions and signals from workers responsible for assisting them during the lifts.

The construction area is quite loud and noisy. Two-way radio systems are the most common and effective way to communicate during crane operations.

It’s important to equip the workers with high-quality sets as bad radio coverage could mean disaster for your crane operations. Let’s find out more!

How Bad Radio Coverage Could Mean Disaster for Your Crane

Hazards of crane operations

Heavy equipment and materials are transported to construction sites regularly. These items must be properly secured, transported, and loading. The process requires close coordination between crane operators and personnel working on the ground.

The workers near the site where crane operations are taking place must pay close attention to their surroundings. There are many instances where workers have sustained injuries by load and were crushed by moving cranes.

Crane operations can turn into a disaster when things don’t go according to the plan; for instance, a sudden gush of wind affecting the load or a mechanical failure causes the load to fall during the lift.

TC-610 in a splash.

The importance of effective communication

During crane operations, especially the critical lifts, crane operators must coordinate with workers on the ground and supervisors. They must be equipped with high-quality equipment to accurately and quickly communicate to ensure safe operations.

While hand signals and signs are extensively used and very effective to assist the crane operator, a reliable channel through radio systems is necessary to send and receive alerts if things go wrong.

Bad radio coverage could mean the operators and workers can’t communicate with each other, leading to misunderstandings that can lead to catastrophic accidents.

What Can You Do About It?

Two-way communication is crucial to maintain safety at the construction site during crane operations. It minimizes the risk of accidents during the lifts. You can invest in high-quality two-way radio systems.

There are many factors you should keep in mind when selecting the radio system. For instance, it should be durable and water-resistant, made for industrial purposes, and provide powerful transmission power.

Buy Premium-Quality Crane Safety Equipment

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a reputable company that provides top-quality RaycoWylie crane safety systems in the United States. We have a wide variety of crane safety instrumentation, including two-way radio systems. We have two models, including Hytera TC-610 and Hytera TC-610 Motorola VX-451.

Call 1-877-672-2951 to find out more about our crane safety products.

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