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How Modern Technology Improving Crane Safety Indicators

Technological advancements have revolutionized many industries in the past few decades, especially the construction industry. For example, the latest technology has improved crane safety systems, reducing the risk of accidents related to lifting equipment.

Cranes are highly complex, heavy-duty machines that require careful handling. Hence, only skilled and trained people are given the responsibility to operate them. However, there are some inherent difficulties and problems that skills and training can’t mitigate.  That’s where modern crane indicators come into play.

Let’s learn about how modern technologies are overcoming these issues and making cranes more effective:

Built-in technologies

New cranes are designed with safety in mind and have features that reduce the risk of accidents. For example, anti-sway technology helps crane operators place loads faster and more precisely. Advanced and more ergonomic designs provide more visibility to crane operators, enabling them to operate cranes more efficiently.

That being said, there’s one problem. Cranes are highly expensive pieces of equipment that are not easy to replace. Not every construction company has the resources to invest in new machinery, and hence, rely on old cranes to complete work. As a result, they’re unable to benefit from the latest technologies.

But fortunately, there are products that can minimize the safety risks associated with crane operations at a constructions site. For instance, using camera systems allows operators to see blind spots and work in areas with inadequate or poor lighting, leading to more accessibility.

Another example is the anti-two-block (ATB) warning systems that alarm of a two-blocking condition by alerting the crane operator. Two-blocking refers to when the hook block is raised until it contacts the boom tip; this can lead to catastrophic damage. Simply installing ATB warning systems can significantly reduce the risks of two-blocking accidents.

Similarly, other equipment such as wind speed indicators, two-way radios, load indicators, LMI’s and RCI’s among others can help construction companies provide a safer working environment while improving productivity.

Companies who are unable to invest in new machinery should definitely and crane safety equipment. In fact, this equipment can be a great aid for operators allowing companies to extend the life of older equipment. Providing proper safety training to workers and investing in modern technologies is a great investment that reaps solid returns on investments.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta has been in the crane safety industry for nearly two decades as a distributor for RaycoWylie crane safety equipment.

From crane A2B systems to ATB warning systems, we have an extensive range of cost-effective, user-friendly, top-quality Raycowylie Crane Systems to improve safety when performing construction activities involving cranes.

Protect your people and equipment and comply with OSHA regulations by using our latest equipment. To find out more, give us a call at 1-877-672-2951.

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