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How Weather Conditions Can Affect Crane Use

Weather conditions play a vital role in the safe operations of cranes. While many safety features of cranes are made to avoid errors or mistakes made by people, weather conditions can still leave cranes unusable in various situations. Read on as we discuss crane safety measures and what safety systems can be put in place to help.

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Wind Conditions

The strength of wind often increases with altitude. In urban landscapes, buildings often block the wind, making it easier to use cranes that aren't very high-reaching. However, when operating various fixed cranes, such as the tower cranes used for building skyscrapers, it's important to keep track of wind speed.

Strong winds can cause the crane's load to swing. This adds to the load being placed on the crane and can potentially cause the hoist to snap.

Rainy Weather

Rainy conditions can create various hazards when it comes to operating cranes. Firstly, the reduced visibility can be extremely dangerous when operating heavy machinery that requires precise movement as a crane does.

Secondly, the wet conditions can be dangerous when trying to stabilize a mobile crane. Improper stabilization can even lead to the crane tipping over due to the terrain not properly supporting it.

Finally, the crane can suffer damage from excessive moisture and generally shouldn't be used too long in heavy rain conditions.

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Lightning & Storms

Lightning storms are quite an obvious hazard for crane operators. The crane's arm generally being extended towards the sky can act as a lightning rod. In case a lightning storm breaks out when a crane is being operated, the best thing to do is immediately lower the crane arm. Checking weather forecasts beforehand is extremely necessary, as is a quick evacuation in case of a sudden storm.

Being prepared for the weather conditions is an important part of the job for a crane operator. While not all weather conditions can be helped, at Crane Warning System Atlanta, we do provide wind speed indicators, as well as other crane warning systems, to ensure safe crane operations even during bad weather. Contact us to learn more or order our safety systems.

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