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Little Known Benefits of Using Cameras on Cranes

Blind spots can be extremely dangerous! They significantly increase the risk of accidents for car drivers on the road. Similarly, they can also augment the operational risk for crane operators at construction sites, even more so.

While operators might be able to watch the area below, there are different areas they’re unable to see. It leaves them no choice other than performing blind lifts, which can be very risky due to lack of accuracy and safety.

That’s where cameras come to the rescue. They can virtually eliminate all the blind spots, which enable crane operators to see their nearby surroundings. This blog will highlight the safety as well as productivity benefits of using camera systems for cranes.


Let’s begin with the safety aspect as; of course, safety comes first. As crane operators don’t have to perform blind lifts, it helps in increasing the safety of people as well as the infrastructure on the site. Regardless of the height, they’re able to see surrounding areas, which allow them to safely maneuver around the crane with confidence.

Aside from eliminating—or at least reducing—blind spots, using cameras on a crane also help operators to work in poor lighting condition. Performing a lift in a loading or unloading area where there’s inadequate light can be extremely difficult. However, using cameras provides better visibility to operators, allowing them to see areas that they might not be able to see as well.


Using cameras in cranes provides an additional tool for the crane operator. They can be helpful in situations when working in concealed areas, providing the angle of vision required for the operator to perform the lift. The availability of constant view enables crane operators’ to see the load simply by a glance at the monitor.


In addition to improving safety and accessibility, using cameras can also lead to higher levels of productivity. Blind spots, poor lighting, and concealed areas can make the lifting process tremendously difficult and slow for the crane operator. A small mishap can cause thousands of dollars worth damage.

But thanks to cameras, they’re able to keep constant tabs on their surroundings. As a result, they are able to complete the work faster and more efficiently, leading to higher productivity and performance.

Installing a crane camera system on your crane is highly important to ensure safety and productivity. At Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, we offer high-quality CCS2 and CCS4 crane and equipment camera systems.

Our 100% portable, simple to use camera systems are easy to install using magnetic mounts, requiring no drilling or brackets. Moreover, they come with a full 7” color display for easy visibility in open or closed cabs.

Protect your people and equipment and comply with OSHA regulations by using our top-quality camera systems. We also offer Raycowylie crane load monitoring system, crane indicator systems,  wind speed indicators, and A2B warning systems. To learn more, give us a call at 1-877-672-2951.

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