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OSHA Guidelines On Crane Safety That Every Construction Company Should Follow

Crane accidents can be catastrophic. A simple search on Google will provide you with results that talk about hundreds of crane-related incidents—which is beyond alarming.

According to CICB, 90% of crane accidents occur due to human error, which shows that most crane accidents could have been prevented with the appropriate safety practices.

OSHA has provided ten specific guidelines on crane safety on its official website. In this blog, we’ve summarized these pointers:

Maintenance and inspection

It’s critical to inspect all crane controls and equipment before starting operations. This includes evaluating the control system, inspection chains, hook, and wire rope.

All the rigging must also be inspected before starting a lifting operation. Moreover, avoid wrapping hoist ropes or chains around the load.

Moreover, it’s important to clear the site and ensure there are no workers under or near the load to prevent an accident.

In addition to that, it’s vital to steer clear of energized electrical lines. A safe working clearance of at least ten feet must be maintained at all times.

Check the weight of the payload

It’s important to check the weight of the payload before commencing lifting operations to make sure the crane isn’t overloaded.

Check the crane’s capacity and use a quality weight load indicator system and wind indicator system to reliably estimate safe levels of load.

For instance, if conditions are especially windy, it’s better to take a prudent approach and lift lighter loads than what is suggested by the manufacturer.

Some other important tips:

  • Check the effectiveness of the brake system and verify balance by pulling the load a few inches from the ground.

  • All the areas that fall under a crane’s swing radius should be classified as inaccessible zones.

  • If outriggers are to be used, make sure they are fully extended.

Buy crane safety equipment

Safety products such as ATB warning systems, crane wind speed indicators, load indicator systems, and two-way radio systems, can increase safety levels in your construction site.

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