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Products That Are Essential for Crane Safety

Crane accidents are quite common across the United States, which OSHA has provided multiple health and safety guidelines for crane operations. While the health and safety guidelines are a good way to conduct checks and inspections, adding safety systems and products can help prevent unnecessary accidents caused by human error or overestimations.

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Load Indicator Systems

A load indicator system is a device used primarily for mobile cranes and portable cranes to help the operator keep track of the amount of weight that the crane is currently handling. This device helps ensure that operators don’t exceed the weight limit by providing a constant reminder of the current limit of the crane they are operating.

Some load indicator systems can also lock the crane and prevent it from attempting to lift loads when they exceed the load limit. This device is essential in avoiding overloading, crane tipping, and crane arm breakage.

Wind Speed Indicators

For fixed tower cranes and other high-reaching cranes, safety measures go beyond human design flaws or errors in operating. Elemental factors like the wind can be considerable hazards when operating high-rising cranes. Forecasting weather conditions before you begin operating a tower crane is extremely important, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on.

Wind speeds can pick up at any point, and operators should be able to stop operations once the weather conditions become dangerous. To help keep track of how windy it is outside, crane wind speed indicators can be fit inside tower cranes to help operators keep track.

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Anti-Two Block Warning System

Two blocking is the situation when the block of the crane come in contact with the boom tip. When this happens, the hoist line may snap and cause the load of the crane to fall. An anti-two block system may be installed to prevent this issue. The system warns of near contact between the blocks and boom tip, so the crane operator has time to react.

At Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, we provide all sorts of safety mechanisms and crane safety systems for crane operators. Our various crane capacity indicators can help keep track of load, weather, and crane functionality. Contact our team to find out more.

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