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Signs Your Crane Equipment Needs Replacement

Managing construction machinery and equipment is one of the toughest challenges that project managers have to deal with. Using old and obsolete crane equipment can increase project costs and decrease operational efficiency.

But how do we determine whether it’s time to make a capital investment and buy a new crane or just carry out some repairs to get things going?  Well, that can be quite tricky! But we’ve got you covered!

Here are three signs that your crane needs replacement:

Signs Your Crane Equipment Need Replacement

Frequent breakdowns

If your crane breaks down every now and then, it’s a clear sign that you need to upgrade your crane.  Sticking with the old crane will give rise to costly repairs and will require more maintenance.

Moreover, the downtime due to malfunctioning parts will reduce productivity and will make it difficult to meet deadlines. Most importantly, it can also increase the risk of job site accidents and put workers’ lives in danger.

Changes in the scope of the project

A change in the scope of the project might result in increased processes and requirements. For instance, the construction work might require transporting heavier or higher volume of materials than initially planned, so you will need high-quality load indicator systems.

You may also need advanced lifting equipment and accessories to safely carry out the projects. For example, if the project will now involve construction at heights, you may need a crane wind speed indicator to monitor wind conditions during the construction process.

Using old machinery to fulfill new requirements could end in a stoppage of the construction work or, even worse, catastrophic job site accidents which will cause fatalities as well as monetary damage far exceeding the cost of replacement.

Outdated crane equipment

That’s pretty much self-explanatory. Using old, out-dated crane equipment will result in inefficient crane operations. Due to slower operations, the construction work will be pressed to meet deadlines, which can affect the quality of the final work.

Invest in high-quality crane safety instruments and the latest technology to minimize downtime and improve the efficiency of the construction process. Simply adding a CCS crane camera can improve the work efficiency of the crane operator and make the job site safer.

Update Your Crane Equipment With Crane Warning Systems Atlanta

If you think it’s time to replace your old crane equipment and buy quality crane safety instrumentation products, contact Crane Warning Systems Atlanta today! We’re the top RaycoWylie distributer in the United States. From wireless wind speed indicators to crane load indicator system, we provide a variety of top-quality crane safety equipment at competitive rates. For more information about our products, call at 1-877-672-2951.

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