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The Dangers of Cutting Back on Crane and Hoist Inspections

Crane on a construction site.

A common practice when business slows down is to cut back on regular expenses to keep the business running. The maintenance budget is one of the first to be slashed by companies.

Cutting back on the crane maintenance and inspection costs, however, could cost you more in the long run and the short run.

Cranes and hoists are vital components on a construction site. With high-rise buildings being developed for organizations, it’s essential to maintain such equipment in the best way possible. Failure to do so can be detrimental.

Puts employees in danger

Slacking on crane and hoist inspection can lead to crane accidents. Such accidents have cost hundreds of people their lives and injured many others too. Operating such heavy machinery that takes on a significant load is particularly risky when it isn’t well-maintained. Any component of the crane or hoist can malfunction and result in an accident. Not only are you endangering the lives of employees, but you’re also tarnishing the organization’s reputation.

The organization will be considered one that doesn’t value employees and provides them with an unsafe environment.

Industrial project underway.

Can lead to legal implications

Workplace accidents cause legal issues for the organization as well. The fact that improper crane and hoist inspections led to the accident makes it worse. The construction industry falls under tight regulation and such issues require the expertise of a construction accident attorney. This additional expense can amount to a significant amount, especially since lawsuits are often drawn out over several months or years.

Property damage

Crane accidents also cause substantial damage to the job site. The land is damaged and the nearby property is damaged. This damage is to be cleaned up and then the work must begin from scratch, depending on the magnitude of the damage incurred. This causes massive delays in the project timeline, which the client certainly won’t be happy with. You’ll probably lose out on current and potential clients due to such a massive error in judgment.  

Expensive repairs

When a crane is involved in an accident, it’s usually not in a repairable state. This expensive equipment must be written off the books immediately. However, if poor maintenance and inspection have led to a crane breakdown, it could result in expensive repairs.

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