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The i4500 LMI and Telescopic Boom Crane—A Perfect Match!

While you may think that crane accidents are rare—like most people do—the truth, unfortunately, is scary. If you search the phrase “crane accidents in the US,” the results will surprise you.

Crane accidents result in 22 construction worker deaths per year on average, and it doesn’t even account for injuries. These incidents can happen due to external conditions, mechanical failures, operators’ negligence, or many other factors.

Therefore, the only way to ensure the safety of your construction workers is taking a proactive approach toward crane safety and formulate a plan to mitigate, if not eliminate, the risks associated with crane lifting operations.

Here, crane safety instruments come into play. From anti-two block systems to load moment indicator systems, numerous products can minimize the chances of crane accidents and help make construction sites safer.

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One of the most reliable and useful devices that can improve the safety of your crane operations, particularly if you’re using the telescopic boom cranes, is the i4500 load moment indicator. Here’s all you need to know:

The i4500 Load Moment Indicator

The i4500 Load Moment Indicator is a powerful crane safety device that allows construction companies to meet the onerous regulations and standards of crane operations and improve the safety of their construction workers.

Designed and built by Rayco Wylie, the device comes with self-diagnostic features and provides essential information to the crane operator. The i4500 LMI is a perfect match for telescopic boom cranes but also works great with lattice boom crawler cranes, barge cranes, rail cranes, and port cranes.

Technical Specifications

The i4500 Load Moment Indicator features a 4.3”, full-color display with an optional 7.0” screen with 480x272 resolution and 16/9 aspect ratio. The IP67 rated-display shields the device from dust and water damage. The operating temperature ranges between -20°C to 70°C.

Other technical specs include:

  • Supply Voltage: 11 to 36 Vdc

  • Accuracy (of rated capacity): SAE J159

  • CAN bus Protocol: J1939 (also available In CANOpen)


The i4500 Load Moment Indicator provides centralized information on a single screen. The high-resolution screen comes with an anti-glare feature, which improves readability in direct sunlight, which facilitates crane operators to carry out operations efficiently and effectively.

The RaycoWylie i4500 LMI comes with a bundle of advanced features, including night mode images, and allows operators to choose from various measurement units. Moreover, it can be configured in 10 different languages, which makes it suitable for a diversified workforce.

Buy Quality Crane Safety Equipment

If you want to purchase top-quality load moment indicators for your telescopic boom cranes, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta should be your ultimate choice. We’re The leading disturber of the Rayco Wylie products and offer a wide selection of crane safety equipment, including the i4500 Load Moment Indicator and load indicators. For more details about our products, call us at 1-877-672-2951 today!

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