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Types of Cranes and Their Use in Construction

a telescopic crane with a retractable beam

Cranes are powerful machines that primarily lift, lower, and move heavy objects using a system of pulleys and cables. Despite this seemingly simple objective, there are several different crane types designed to meet specialized applications. Even within the construction industry, cranes are used in a wide variety of applications.

In this blog post, we’ll take a quick look at the most popular types of construction cranes, followed by some tips on how you can enhance crane safety.

1. Mobile Cranes Crane

These cable-controlled cranes are designed to move objects both within a construction site and across different locations. These flexible cranes come in a variety of sizes and with different capabilities to meet distinct transport or load requirements. We’ll discuss some of the specialized forms of mobile cranes further ahead.

2. Telescopic Crane

A telescopic crane is a type of heavy mobile crane that is typically used in day-to-day hauling operations. These cranes contain a hydraulic mechanism that allows refraction or elongation of the beam giving users the ability to adjust the height as required. Telescopic cranes are used widely in shipping ports to carry out maneuvering operations.

a tower crane on a new construction site

3. Tower Crane

Tower cranes are built on the construction site and stay fixed to the ground while construction work is being carried out. They are particularly useful for the construction of high-rise buildings and offer lifting capacity up to 25 tons. This allows users to lift heavy equipment, steel, and cement during construction.

4. Rough-terrain Crane

As the name suggests, this form of mobile crane is used primarily in off-road operations where working conditions are often less than ideal. These compact cranes can fit through tighter spaces, and the outriggers provide exceptional stability for lifting on uneven ground. A close substitute is an all-terrain crane that is more or less the same—the main difference is that all-terrain cranes can travel on both public roads and off-roads.

5. Overhead Crane

Overhead cranes are used to move bulky or extremely heavy loads through the overhead space in a certain area. These cranes are fixed and are primarily designed so heavy loads don’t need to be carried on the floor or through aisles. This type of crane lifts the object, moves horizontally, and then lowers the object.

Crane Safety Systems for Mobile Cranes

Regardless of which type of crane you choose for your construction job, safety should be the priority. Crane Warning Systems Atlanta offers a wide variety of safety equipment for mobile cranes in the US. Our equipment helps firms enhance the safety of their crane operations and prevent devastating accidents.

Enhance the safety of your lift with our operational aids, such as crane load indicators, crane RCI indicators, crane load monitors, crane LMI system and portable camera systems.

To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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