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Uses of a Crane Outside of Construction

Modern-day construction businesses have a cutting-edge advantage due to the different types of cranes available, each with unique and efficient features. Some of the most popular cranes used across the US are:

Gantry cranes

Lattice boom cranes

Tower cranes

Overhead cranes

Crawler cranes

Rough terrain cranes, and many more!

However, don't be mistaken that all of these cranes can only be used to perform construction site operations. Crane Warning Systems Atlanta has a team of experienced crane safety experts and technicians who regularly assist businesses operating in different industries. We offer high-end crane safety products and warning devices that can take your crane safety a step ahead!

In this blog, you will learn about the different uses of cranes outside of construction. Exciting, right?

Railway Industry

Do you know that steam-powered crane equipment was the first-ever type of material management tool that was specifically designed for the railway sector? Today, hundreds of steam-powered railways have gained massive traction in the UK. And cranes significantly contribute a major chunk to this dramatic evolution.

Cranes are used to lift, place, and protect heritage steam engines, railway booths, long carriages, and other parts of railway systems. Modern-day railway industries use cranes to lift dissembled train parts and engine cabs.

Moreover, cranes are also used for assembling train tracks. There's no doubt that crane equipment makes track installations easier, safer, and more accurate.

Municipalities and Local Authorities

You may have come across your local municipality calling crane equipment to remove a giant tree that left the ground after a storm. This is another key example of crane use outside of construction.

In addition, cranes are also used during road building procedures. They're an integral part of operations that involve moving bulk material around the block. All of these tasks are mostly performed using mobile cranes only as they're easier to move in populated areas.

If you're a member of your local body and manage crane equipment, consider investing in crane warning indicators and anti-two blocking systems for better equipment performance. Check out our products here.

Rescue Operations

Natural hazards like earthquakes, storms, or a fire eruption call for heavy crane equipment for quick and efficient rescue operations. A fallen building, a crushed car under a tree, or an apartment fire are some of the unfortunate events that mandate crane rescue operations.

Cranes offer an exemplary mechanical advantage and can move across a larger scope where rescue teams cannot go. Certain issues like fire smoke, broken building foundations, flooded valleys, and blocked roads can only be cleared via cranes. All in all, it's truly amazing to see what cranes are capable of!

Why Should You Buy Crane Safety Product Available at Crane Warning Systems Atlanta?

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Don't forget to check out our free-access crane wiring diagrams and troubleshooting guides to maximize your crane equipment safety and longevity.

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