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Why You Should Use Cameras on Your Cranes

If you’ve been thinking about how to make your crane operations safer, more productive and more efficient, camera systems could be what you need.

Think about when your crane operators have to perform a lift in poor light conditions; it can get extremely difficult for them to see the load. As such, one small mistake can prove to be costly. They might accidentally bump the load into a structure, another piece of equipment or worse, a person.

A camera installed on your crane will enhance your crane operators’ visibility and enable them to perform a lift safely, even in lower light conditions.

Likewise, consider another common scenario, where your crane operators’ field of vision is obstructed by a concealed area or structure. In such cases, your crane operators are completely dependent on your ground crew, who must accurately communicate with them the site conditions to perform the lift safely. Again, any miscommunication can have serious consequences.

Using safety cameras on your cranes will help your crane operators in situations where their angle of vision might be awkward to perform a job. They could just glance at the monitor in their cab and see where the load is at any given moment.

A camera will act as an extra set of eyes for your crane operators and enable them to see the work site better.

And while safety is the first and primary benefit of using cameras on your cranes, there is another significant benefit that these devices bring to the floor; they help save you a lot of time.    

While lifting, your crane operators must constantly communicate with the signal staff to ensure the lift is being carried out safely and correctly. This can be a slow and stressful process. Meanwhile, if there is a delay from the ground staff in communicating the instructions, the process can become even slower and drag out a job unnecessarily.

By using cameras on your cranes, however, you can conveniently solve this problem and expedite your operations. Cameras will make your crane operators less dependent on the communications from your ground-staff, and they will be able to complete a job much faster.    

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