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3 Jobs That Can’t Be Done Without Heavy Lift Cranes

Raw power, towering height, and a dominating demeanor – these are just some of the words that come to mind when you think about heavy lift cranes.

These overwhelmingly impressive machines can be found in almost every industry, moving the immovable and conquering the insurmountable.

But what types of jobs do heavy lift cranes most shine at?

Or, to phrase it better:

Which jobs can’t be done without heavy lift cranes?

Erecting Large Buildings

Heavy lift cranes are essential for large building construction projects.

Construction companies use heavy lift cranes to safely lift building materials, such as steel, concrete, and rooftop units. Large devices like motors, generators, and acetylene torches are also transported using these cranes.

What’s the biggest construction job heavy lift cranes have been involved in so far?

It’s the tallest building in the world— building the Burj Khalifa!

Marine Terminal Handling

The shipping industry heavily relies on heavy lift cranes for handling marine terminal operations

These cranes help the port crew load and unload big, fragile cargo to and from ships in the most efficient way, enabling fast order fulfillments for businesses and their customers worldwide.

Which port would you find a heavy lift crane most busy at?

The Port of Shanghai, which handles over 115000 standard containers in just one day!

Upgrading Refineries

Ever wondered how oil companies upgrade their refineries with millimeter precision and minimum disruption?

It’s the heavy lift cranes at work behind these impressive upgrades.

Heavy lift cranes are used for installing everything at oil refineries, from the smallest of walls to the largest of pit lids.    

Some jobs even require two cranes to perform a lift safely.

What’s the most significant refinery upgrade done by heavy lift cranes to date?

You’ll have to travel all the way to the western Indian State of Gujarat to witness that, where in the city of Jamnagar stands the world’s largest refinery, the Jamnagar Refinery which has been just recently upgraded.     

Do you work with heavy lift cranes? What are some of the most common projects you use them for?

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