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4 Signs Your Crane Needs a Safety Upgrade

4 Signs Your Crane Needs a Safety Upgrade

On any construction site, the crane is the biggest investment. It’s one of the largest and most important pieces of equipment present on the location. If installed properly and maintained regularly, a single crane system can work efficiently for decades. But it’s inevitable that these heavy lifters start to sustain damage and wear down with time.

When that happens, the safety of the job site and the workers is compromised. But thanks to constant advancements in engineering technologies, it has become extremely easy to enhance the security of a job site and extend the life of a crane by upgrading it with the latest safety equipment.

Don’t know if your crane needs a safety upgrade? If it’s showing any of the following signs, then yes, it does!

1.There are Abraded Surfaces

A crane is put under great amounts of pressure on a daily basis, which causes abrasion on different parts of the structure, such as the joints and wires. This can weaken the assembly and lead to breakage. You need to keep a check on your crane for any scratchy surfaces and if you find something problematic, make sure you get it repaired as soon as possible.

2. It’s Injuring Workers

If there have been incidents of equipment malfunction and workers getting injured, then you should get in action right away! Schedule an inspection for your crane, and have it evaluated for a safety upgrade. Doing so is important to ensure the safety of your employees and avoid legal and financial complications.

4 Signs Your Crane Needs a Safety Upgrade

3. It’s Performing More Critical Tasks

When a crane is performing most of the major functions on a construction site, it’s under great stress and might need additional support to work smoothly and safely. If that sounds like your job site, then make sure you upgrade your crane with safety equipment such as the Anti Two Block system, LMI and RCI. This is absolutely necessary to prevent crane-related accidents.

4. Its Technology Is Outdated

Construction sites have dynamic environments, where speed is imperative. And if a crane has outdated technology, it can lead to inefficiencies. You should consider upgrading your cranes load moment indicator or adding crane cameras to help the operator carry out their duties more effectively.

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