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6 Questions to Ask Your Crane Operator in the Pre-Lift Meeting

Pre-lift meetings are vital for ensuring your lifts remain safe. They allow you to review important final details with your crane operators and discuss any issues that a lift may entail, before starting the work.

So what exactly should you go over in a pre-lift meeting with your crane operators to make the meeting productive?

Ask them these six questions specifically:

1) Have You Finalized the Lift Plan?

A lift plan is necessary for whatever project you’re working on. It helps account for any operational limitations, streamlines the lifting process, and improves the safety and reliability of the lift.

2) Have You Completed the Crane Inspection?

This functional inspection is essential for ensuring that the crane and crane components are in proper working order. It typically entails inspecting the hydraulic and pneumatic systems for leaks, rigging gear for cracks, hoist chains for signs of wear, and rope reeving system for defects.

3) Have You Checked the Rigging?

It is very important to use rigging components that meet the load specs. Also, the placement of the hardware should be checked to ensure it is installed correctly.


4) Have You Reviewed the Load Charts?

The load charts provide guidelines for crane operators to determine the right capacity and radius for a lift. This way, crane operators can avoid accidents and perform a lift safely and efficiently.

5) Have You Located the Utilities in the Work Area?

When working close to utilities, safe distance should be maintained to avoid any damages or inconvenience. For example, if there are overhead power lines in the area, a minimum clearance distance of 10 feet should be maintained at all times.

6) Have You Tested the Radios for Clarity and Functionality?

When crane operators are in the crane cabin, radio devices are the only way they can communicate with the ground crew. Any interruption or breakdown in this communication, as such, can lead to accidents or unnecessary delays.

What things do you discuss with your crane operators during pre-lift meetings? Let us know in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you.  

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