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A Guide to Different Types of Crane Hooks

Crane equipment’s efficiency depends on various factors, and the performance of sling and hook is the most important. While choosing the right hook is extremely important, it’s more crucial to understand its meaning and purpose. Understanding the basic features of crane hooks allows crane operators and managers to invest in the right type of rigging hardware for crane sling.

In this blog, we’ve discussed all the different type of sling hooks including eye hooks, single crane hooks, and more! So let’s get into the details without further ado!

Laminated Crane Hooks

Next up are laminated crane hooks. These complex, more functional, and safe crane hooks feature several steel plates strongly riveted together into one piece. As a result, these hooks offer increased safety, resistance, and friction that makes the load safer to move.

You can buy single as well as double crane hooks in laminated models. Mind that all of them are designed to suit specific work requirements, so your best bet is to consult a professional before making a purchase.

Are you in the middle of planning your next rigging and hoisting project? Then don’t forget to define and decide the type of crane hook that will be required for the operation.

Eye Lifting Hooks

Eye lifting hooks are an outstanding choice for crane operations. They are designed for overhead lifting. These versatile, easy-to-install, and sturdy crane hooks make crane operations safer and easier. By using an eye hook, crane operators enjoy improved flexibility, better movement and ergonomics, and enhanced hook positioning.

Single Crane Hooks and Double Crane Hooks

Before we dive into the individual specs and features of crane hooks, note that all kinds of crane hooks are divided into two broad categories: single crane and double crane hooks.

When looking for the right hook for your crane, assess your needs and operational requirements. This will help you take a pick from the appropriate category. The main distinguishing feature between the single crane and double crane hooks is the number of hooks. Essentially, there can be one of the multiple hooks attached to a crane.

The first type is ideal for lifting as much as 75 ton-weight without compromising equipment balance and grit. Whereas the latter offers superior control benefits, making them suitable for loads heavier than 75 tons.

Forging Crane Hooks

Forging hooks are commonly used for cranes deployed at manufacturing and production houses. It’s made with heated steel alloy and is fixed by welding the coupling link.

Made by heating and cooling alloy, forging crane hooks lift loads without exerting excess resistance or pressure. They are suitable for straightforward applications like lifting a single-piece load for smooth movement.

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OSHA has always been very clear and stringent about preserving worksite safety, especially if cranes are involved. To prevent load imbalances, slips, and strikes, install high-quality LMI and RCI systems for cranes.

Investing in high-quality portable links and shackles can help you upgrade, improve, and optimize crane safety at construction sites. These essential yet modern crane safety equipment are affordable and long-lasting.

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