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All You Need To Know About Crane Safe Load Indicators

One of the biggest challenges for construction companies across the world is crane safety. Cranes are not every construction worker’s cup of tea. Crane operators are tough, rigorously trained, and extensively experienced workers.

A construction worker should not only possess a CDL Class A license but must also be certified and trained under the supervision of industry professionals.

Above all, they must be aware of the importance and usage of special safety equipment, such as crane safe load indicators.

Here’s what they do:

What is a crane, safe load indicator?

Such devices comprise special microprocessors and sensors that are connected to the crane load. Instead of being localized, the microprocessors are placed at different parts of the crane.

Unlike any other weight indicator, this device isn’t just a simple scale. Instead, it makes precise use of angle, weight, and the radius of the crane to analyze the crane’s load-bearing capability. The controls to all the sensors lie with the crane operator and can be accessed through the buttons in the crane cabin.

Safe load indicators come in a variety of types and are specific for each type of crane. Whether you are operating a crawler crane, a hydraulic crane, or a telescopic crane—make sure you’ve invested in the right type of crane indicator.

These indicators are easy to install and have an accurate display of value that makes it easy for the operator to read the figures.

What does a crane safe load indicator do?

Crane safe load indicators have multiple options and functions, some of which are:

  • To alert the crane operator if the load exceeds the maximum capacity. If the load exceeds the rated capacity, it may fall unexpectedly and put the worker’s safety at risk.

  • To alert the crane operator as they approach the cranes capacity. This is a dynamic calculation that changes with eh radius of the hook to the center of rotation.  This helps the crane operator make the right adjustments as the load is being transported.

  • Safe load indicators are the reason crane operators no longer have to make decisions based on their gut instinct when it comes to load moment. In the world of engineering, load moment refers to the product of moment arm and the force that is applied on a load.

This way, they make sure the crane rotates around its designated reference point, and the horizontal distance between this point and the force applied is in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sudden dropping of the load is one of the biggest causes of crane accidents, and this usually happens when the crane has been overloaded. To avoid such accidents, get in touch with Crane Warning Systems Atlanta and invest in a Crane Load Moment Indicators. We stock the best of RaycoWylie Crane Indicator Systems to keep your construction workers safe. Call up 1-877-672-2951 to request a quote.

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