Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree within the Crane Industry

As we near the end of the fall semester, students from all over the country are preparing for their finals, working hard to earn an expensive degree that takes years to complete. However, there are some students who bypass college and go straight to work, opting not to shoulder the burden of college debt.

Going to college isn’t for everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The important thing is having a skill set on which you can base a successful career. Besides, there are plenty of careers that don’t require a college degree at all. The crane and rigging industry is a prime example. There are plenty of well-paying jobs in the crane industry that don’t require a college degree at all. Here are a few of them.

Certified Signalperson

If you’re a NCCCO-certified signal person you can expect to earn an annual salary of around $50,000. If you reside in Denver, you can earn even more. The average yearly salary of a certified signal person in the state is $63,000. The NCCCO defines this role as, “an individual who has been trained and certified to handle and move loads”. The level of certification depends upon the person’s knowledge, skill base, training, and ability to perform functions associated with inspection, selection, and operation of cranes and rigging equipment.

Certified Operator

Being a crane operator is another job that doesn’t require you to have a college degree. NCCCO certified crane operators are high in demand across the country, especially in states like Alaska, New Hampshire, and New York, where they can earn in excess of $80,000 a year on average. There is a variety of crane operator certification programs you can opt for, and even a larger variety of the types of cranes you can operate.

Certified Lift Director

As the person responsible for the overall efficiency and safety of lift operations, the role of a lift director is a high-pressure, high-responsibility role, which is why it’s naturally a high-paying job as well. Since OSHA now dictates that a lift director needs to be assigned for every lifting project, the demand for lift directors has increased significantly across the country. While the role doesn’t require a college degree, it is not easy to become a certified lift director.

NCCCO’s certification program for lift directors is quite intensive, comprised of numerous modules and examinations. While there is no official data on how much certified directors earn on average, you can expect a salary between $150 and $225 per hour.

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