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Safe Lifts: The Knowledge and Experience of Your Rigging Team Matters!

Safe lifts start with having a qualified team on the ground. If your crew lacks the required knowledge or the experience necessary to perform a lift, the consequences can be serious, regardless of how well you may prepare for the job.

Ask yourself:

How qualified is your rigging team for the work it is doing?

The Anatomy of a Good Rigging Team

Riggers can be categorized into three levels based on their trade knowledge, formal training, and experience:

  • Level I riggers

  • Level II riggers

  • Level III riggers

Together, they form the core of a good, competent rigging team.

Level I riggers are qualified professionals who are able to understand load markings, recognize sling and hardware damage, and safely harness a load under the supervision of someone more knowledgeable. They are aware of the basic crane safety principles and have received primitive training on how to improve the reliability of a lift.

Level II riggers are qualified individuals who demonstrate a much greater understanding of the trade. They have Level I knowledge and skills; in addition, they know their way around with numbers and computations that entail a typical lift planning process. They instruct Level I riggers on what gear to use for a particular lift and where (and how) to place the gear. In the most basic sense, consider them as your safety checks.   

Level III riggers are master riggers. They have years of rigging experience. They specialize in lifts that involve more challenging variables, such as multiple loads, low headroom, extreme weight or size, custom equipment, and more. They can work with all types of cranes, from overhead hoists to tower cranes. They are the mentors Level II riggers turn to for guidance when they need help. They think of the bigger picture when planning and overseeing a lift.

Closing Words

Many contractors downplay the significance of having a qualified rigging team on board until something bad happens at their worksite. Don’t take chances; to perform a safe lift, the knowledge and experience of your rigging team matters.

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