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The Importance of Cameras and Sensors during Crane Operations

portable cameras with magnetic mount systems

Crane operators are quickly realizing the productivity gains and safety benefits that camera systems have to offer. Apart from increasing speed and productivity, these can help decrease accidents and incidents of property damage. Apart from crane operators, the on-ground crew is also at ease knowing that everything is under control.

Let’s take a closer look at the role camera systems play during crane operations.

Cameras increase visibility

Even the most experienced crane operators often have trouble maneuvering blind spots. As such, they either lean out of the cab, which is dangerous in itself, or rely on their memory of the area. Cameras give crane operators a clear and live view of their surroundings. This prevents property damage of accidents in case something comes in the operating radius of the crane.

Portable cameras

The portability of most crane camera systems makes them even more effective. Users no longer need permanent solutions for each crane and can mount cameras as required. Magnetic mount systems, in particular, are an inexpensive solution that doesn’t require any drilling and can be fully-functional within 30 minutes.

a mobile construction crane erecting a temporary structure

Lower site risks

Crane cameras with a monitoring system can prevent many failures by detecting them early on. According to the OSHA, crane accidents cause over 70 deaths in the United States each year. Crane safety systems can help prevent these deaths and thousands of other injuries. Here are some of the main risks that can be mitigated with cameras and sensors:

  • Personnel getting struck by the load

  • Failure of hoist ropes or luffing ropes

  • Two cranes colliding with each other

  • Property damage caused by crane movement

  • Reversing hazards

Choose Easy-to-Install Crane Camera Systems

Crane Warning Systems is the leading distributor of crane safety systems, including portable cameras that can be easy attached to cranes and other heavy equipment. Our CCS2 and CCS4 camera models are available in 2 or 4 camera kits and are a cost-effective way to increase visibility and aid crane operations. These cameras are 100% portable and can be easily attached to cranes with the magnetic mount system, so you don’t need any drilling or brackets.

We also offer other crane operational aids, such as crane RCI indicators, LMI system and crane load monitors. For more details, get in touch with us today.

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