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The Importance of Wind Speed Indicators for Crane Safety

The Importance of Wind Speed Indicators for Crane Safety

The wind is an invisible force that can cause destruction on a construction site, where cranes are being used to conduct operations. According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a total of 1,125 crane-related accidents caused over 780 deaths between the years 2000 and 2010. What’s surprising is the fact that 23% of all these accidents occurred because of exposure to high winds.

Hurricanes and Cranes

Strong winds that come with hurricanes and storms are especially dangerous for crane operations.  For instance, in September 2017, the howling winds of Hurricane Irma led to three crane collapses in South Florida.

How Does Wind Affect Cranes

When the wind speed is high, more pressure is exerted on a crane. The higher the crane and more surface area of the boom, the greater the pressure.  This affects the stability of the structure as the extra load is imposed on the crane’s boom.  As a result, the boom might fall, damaging property and injuring people.

Moreover, there’s also a chance of the load dropping, the boom swinging and the entire crane overturning.  Such crane accidents can lead to expensive property damage and injuries.

Preventative Measure for Wind-Speed Crane Accidents

Before you conduct a lifting plan at your job site, make sure that you read up on the effects of the wind on your crane.  Check the latest weather reports and plan accordingly if the wind conditions are predicted to be high.  It is important that you monitor the wind speed, especially at the crane boom tip by installing a wireless wind speed indicator on your crane.

What’s a Crane Wind Speed Indicator?

The crane wind speed indicator is a technologically advanced crane safety device used to measure and monitor the speed of the wind at a construction site and crane boom tip. The wireless device has audio and visual alarms that alert the operator when the wind speed exceeds the crane’s limit recommended by the manufacturer.

A crane wind speed indicator is a safety device that’s easy to install and simple to use.  It has a LCD display that shows the wind speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour.  It gives a low battery warning and has user adjustable limit settings that when reached will set off the alarm light and buzzer.

Installing a wireless crane wind speed indicator can help you prevent wind related crane accidents on your job site.

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